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It's National Black Business Month!

If you follow us, you’ve seen us talk a lot about economic justice and financial independence for BIPOC businesses. In fact, seeing the amount of BIPOC business owners denied financial aid, opportunity, and support compared to their white counterparts, is exactly how the BIPOC Support Foundation began! If you found our site, chances are you also feel passionate about the light has been shed on this movement. This movement which is calling out racial disparities and injustices nationwide. You've probably spoken out and supported in many ways the past few weeks.

But have you noticed a lot of your social media and news feeds are starting to return to “business as usual?

We created BIPOC Support Foundation because we know that true economic justice requires a long term commitment as opposed to a short term performance.

The truth is, the pandemic has hit Black-owned businesses harder than anyone else. Did you know that Black business owners account for about 10 percent of U.S. businesses and about 30 percent of all minority-owned businesses? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, that amounts to approximately two million African American business owners. That number is growing every single day, with Black entrepreneurs everywhere starting the path to self-employment! This means, you probably know more Black-owned businesses than you think!

Here are 6 ways you can support, with both your dollar and your voice:

1. Take two minutes to sign these petitions

  • 15 Percent Pledge: Tell major retailers to stock their shelves with a 15% minimum of products from Black-owned businesses

  • Color of Change petition: This tells Congress to take the necessary and long overdue steps to provide more protection for Black business owners

  • Support Black employees of large corporations by signing the petitions on Color of Change’s new site, Beyond the Statement.

2. Go without a few latte’s this month, and support these Black businesses instead:

The best thing you can do is vote with your dollar. From restaurants to clothing brands to beauty to books, you can get anything you could ever need or want!

Black Business Registries:

Black Owned Restaurants:

Black Owned Clothing & Beauty

Black Owned Bookstores

3. Encourage your friends and family to donate toward Black financial freedom. Here are a few ways: 

4. Open a Bank Account at a Black-Owned Bank:

Guess what? Black banks are also Black businesses! Put your money where your… well, money is, and #BankBlack. (And if you are a BIPOC business owner, Black banks can set you up with all the loans and resources you need for your business. It’s a win-win!)

5. Don't let your social media go back to normal!

Keep using your voice online! Share this post with your friends. Follow Black business accounts. Reshare their content. A simple retweet or share on social media platforms can go a long way!

6. Leave reviews!

We know times are tough and you may not have the ability to donate financially right now. But for many businesses, online reviews are up a huge part of their success! Who are the Black creatives, entrepreneurs, and business owners that inspire you? Leave a review on their Facebook page, google business or LinkedIn account! You can also review their podcast, leave a comment on their Youtube or Instagram, or simply reshare!

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