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I need a serial key for Kartina (Italian tv channel). It's a program that allows to watch programs on my pc. A: Here it is. Q: Porting PHP to Python I am planning to learn python. I read this tutorial and i am having following questions I read this You can't. There is no direct Python->PHP "backport". You don't have to learn all the PHP features, but you can't add Python to an existing PHP script. You can use a framework like Zend Framework and use its PHP and Python "client side" components, but that doesn't convert your script. Do i need to learn all the features of PHP to learn python? Why python is said to be easier than PHP? A: You don't have to learn all the PHP features to learn Python. Python supports dynamic typing (so you can skip the type-checking) and has no "class" concept (so you can skip the "new" keyword). Python is easy to pick up and you'll find you can pick up something about it quickly. There's a large and helpful community of Python programmers, and most of it is on IRC (very friendly and helpful). There's no way around learning the differences. A: Python is a dynamically typed language, which is great for large, complex programs that you want to be relatively quick to write and edit. PHP is a language with many features, and is generally known for being quick to start writing (although it has features such as autoloading that make it more of a joy to use than Python for larger projects). A: If you're looking to learn Python, it might be easier to start with Django ( which wraps Python very nicely, and is meant to be a very easy way to get started with Python. You don't have to know any "PHP features" to start with Django; it's a small Python framework, and that means you get to start "from scratch" in terms of your Python. You

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