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Happy Children
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Working Together

BSF is committed to breaking down the racial, social and economic barriers that prevent our Black, Indigenous and persons of color communities from thriving. These communities have faced a long history of racism, violence and inequity for hundreds of years. 


We operate by the key principle that success is interconnected. By improving the placement of adults, we improve the education of children; by improving the education of children, we improve the future of individuals and communities across the United States.


Our work centers around bolstering business owners, uplifting women+, and creating a K-12 educational program that depicts true and balanced history, as well as providing real-world skill training. We empower the community with tools to sustain itself via donations, resources, and mentor-ship. 


As an organization, we are dedicated to equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of class, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or ability/disability status.

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