When supporting us, we fight together to thrive.

Our intersectional programs interface with both BIPOC business people and marginalized student populations, BSF has a unique place in San Diego’s diverse community.

BSF is led by a diverse group of individuals that integrally understands the challenges faced by our local communities of color. The Founder and Executive Director, DeMilo Young, has lifelong history living and working in the San Diego community, and leads our Board of Directors which consists of five women, four of which identify as persons of color.

We were founded specifically to provide support for the BIPOC community through the challenges of the pandemic and beyond, and our diverse staff are uniquely qualified to connect with the individuals that are served by our programming.

Not only does BSF identify with this community, we encourage program participants to identify more deeply with their own community as well. The programming is designed to encourage in-depth multicultural understanding, place-based learning, actionable stewardship of their local environment, and opportunities for mindful self reflection and growth.

  • Help children

    Each and every child has a fundamental right to an excellent education

  • Provide Outdoor Experiances

    BSF’s Explore Next Door Youth Enrichment Program bridges the cultural and financial differences of disadvantaged San Diego youth.

  • Summer Camps

    Too many children — especially in Black, Latino and low-income neighborhoods — don’t have access to the learning opportunities they need.