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Youth Enrichment Program

Explore next door

Providing quality after school programs and summer camps to historically underserved students, families and communities in San Diego.

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Youth Enrichment Program

Explore next door

Providing quality after school programs and summer camps to historically underserved students, families and communities in San Diego.

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After School Literacy Program

Scholastic Opportunity for Academic Readiness (SOAR)

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Students, Parents and Partners

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Backpack Initiative

Our Backpack Initiative aims to equip 2,000 students with backpacks filled with supplies and books to help them start their school year on the right foot. The cost of backpacks and supplies can be a significant burden for families, especially those with multiple children. By providing these essential items, we can make a real difference in a student's life and boost their confidence from day one.

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Our commitment to the BIPOC community runs deep and empowering through education is one of our core beliefs. Learning is a lifelong endeavor that is collaborative, dynamic and holistic.

Our innovative equity-focused approach will provide comprehensive support to underserved students with the goal of closing the achievement gap for students experiencing the intersectional challenges of marginalization, poverty, and/or language barriers. By meeting children where they are academically and linguistically, and employing coherent learning solutions that support the whole child—culturally, academically, and socio-emotionally—our program is designed to empower student success in the classroom and beyond.

In providing a safe environment, creative learning opportunities, and tools for critical thinking and emotional wellbeing, Explore Next Door improves classroom learning by fostering confident, empowered students. Our holistic approach supports the success of underserved students by offering a culturally relevant curriculum that includes financial literacy education and an array of arts such as painting, crafts, dance, and music, which help develop a deeper connection to cultural heritage and foster creative expression. Our staff serve as positive role models and lead our programs through a trauma-informed lens. Below are the four major components of our curriculum, each integrating these elements to enrich and inspire every student.

Explore Next Door's Four Anchors

  • Academic Support

    By providing a comprehensive, varied and fun educational experience for students with needs beyond the standard classroom teaching, we aim to make learning more equitable and effective. Our unique equity-focused literacy curriculum is designed and offered by leaders of color that deeply identify with the students’ experiences of marginalization, economic hardship, adoption, and immigration—allowing youth to see themselves represented at all levels of leadership throughout our program.

  • Career Pathways

    Our curriculum fosters culturally affirming spaces by teaching about a variety of traditions, cuisines, languages, and cultivating conversations around the importance of inclusion. We ensure a diversity of participants at all levels of outreach and education, enabling BIPOC students to see themselves represented in a wide variety of dynamic work roles.

  • Social-emotional Tools

    Our Explore Next Door & SOAR programs support the wellbeing of the whole child—nurturing mental, physical, and socioemotional health at the core of innovative education enables students to thrive inside and out. Our multicultural enrichment programs provide underserved youth with behavioral health tools, personal development, outdoor experiences, community engagement, career pathways, tutoring, and mentoring.

  • Providing a safe space and sense of belonging

    BSF has seen first hand how a caring adult, culturally affirming curriculum, individualized academic assistance, mindfulness tools and enrichment activities integrally empower our youth to reach their full potential. Our program is unique in that it centers multicultural inclusivity and mindfulness practices to nurture socioemotional regulation, ensuring children feel welcomed and supported in all spaces.

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