Photo of Blanca Lozano
Blanca Lozano - Associate Executive Director

Blanca Lozano

Blanca Lozano is a first-generation Mexican American graduate from UC San Diego, passionate about addressing social and environmental justice issues in her community. She has been a climate activist and community organizer in San Diego for many years, addressing how environmental injustices disproportionately impact BIPOC communities. She has organized numerous local and state-wide climate justice protests with up to 5,000 people in attendance and has been a keynote speaker in rallies and events.

As the Associate Executive Director of the BIPOC Support Foundation (BSF), she is finding solutions to education disparities faced by communities of color. She is committed to transforming the lives of young students by developing and implementing a curriculum that's culturally responsive and inclusive of all students. Her intrinsic love for nature follows her everywhere she goes. At BSF, she connects young students of color to the outdoors by developing summer programs that provide free, enriching experiences like hiking, surfing, and kayaking. She is proud to serve her community and is honored to channel her knowledge and skills into initiatives that will transform the lives of children.

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