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Reclaiming our history and shaping our future.

The foundation of strong business and community empowerment begins with education. We provide resources, programs, and training for students of every age. Learning is a lifelong endeavor that is collaborative, dynamic and holistic. We aim to provide decolonized educational resources in the areas of history, financial literacy, mindfulness, and child safety and awareness. We work with educational professionals to provide collaborative, dynamic, and holistic training that strengthens the individual, the community, and the future.


This fall, children will be presented with custom backpacks that hold school supplies, literary items, and community tasks.  We want every part of the community to be as involved as they can be so that children will understand how much they mean to us and that they can feel a form of communal protection and care.

Sponsorship opportunities available!

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Focusing on four books a year that are filled with applicable knowledge and will break down content, translating chapters into beneficial lessons.

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