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Reclaiming our history and shaping our future.

The foundation of strong business and community empowerment begins with education. We provide resources, programs, and training for students of every age. Learning is a lifelong endeavor that is collaborative, dynamic and holistic. We aim to provide decolonized educational resources in the areas of history, financial literacy, mindfulness, and child safety and awareness. We work with educational professionals to provide collaborative, dynamic, and holistic training that strengthens the individual, the community, and the future.

BSF Summer Program
In a week-long immersive experience, children explored the cultures of Africa, Asia, Mesoamerica and Indigenous People of San Diego County. Each day was filled with immersive activities, fun games, arts and crafts, mindfulness moments, international cuisine, music and dance!

"I’m so impressed with the content and diverse exposures you provided for our kids. Thank you for designing an awesome program." - Michelle, Parent.

Connecting communities and strengthening youths’ ties to their neighborhoods creates a safer environment for them and instills a sense of belonging that has a positive effect on mental well-being.

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Our Explore Next Door programs focus on empowering and supporting the youth of  historically excluded communities.