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"I’m so impressed with the content and diverse exposures you provided for our kids. Thank you for designing an awesome program."
- Michelle, Parent.

BSF’s Explore Next Door Youth Enrichment Program offers afterschool and summer programs that provide youth ages 8-16 of San Diego County with academic assistance, socio-emotional/self regulation tools, personal development, career pathways and community engagement. BSF currently offers these high quality and innovative educational programs for students in traditionally excluded and under-resourced communities.

Our Explore Next Door Youth Enrichment Program serves to bridge the cultural and financial differences of disadvantaged San Diego youth, provides tools for long-term successes, and support for low income families during the after school and summer hours when parents are still at work.

The pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on low-income youth and families. Our program is intended to treat the whole child. E.N.D.'s curriculum develops children’s connection with their community, which fosters deeper relationships and raises the likelihood of children remaining in school and successfully beginning a career. This inclusion decreases feelings of societal isolation for students from low-income households. By increasing awareness of diverse cultures and the contributions they bring to our community, we encourage our youth to become more compassionate community members. In addition, we provide academic assistance to bolster youth in or programs math and literacy skills.  END staff uses a trauma-informed Care approach.


The curriculum is designed to encourage hands-on experiential learning, in-depth multicultural understanding, opportunities for mindful self-reflection and growth. In each of our programs we ensure a diversity of teaching participants at all levels of outreach and education, enabling students to see themselves represented in a wide variety of careers. 

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